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1.  XTREME REDFISH SERIES: It is each contestant’s responsibility to read all items before entering. Interpretation and enforcement of these rules will be left exclusively to the tournament director. Decisions of the tournament director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal. Xtreme Redfish Series rules will apply in all events unless superseded by federal, state or local laws. The Xtreme Fishing Series reserves the right to make needed changes to these rules in order to ensure the safety, welfare of the Xtreme Fishing Series anglers, and/or the public and preserve the integrity of the Xtreme Fishing Series. Any rule changes will immediately supersede all previously published copies of rules. Xtreme Fishing Series reserves the right to refuse any membership or tournament entry fees or entry forms for any reason. Xtreme Fishing Series officials and directors decisions will be final in all matters. Each contestant agrees to report any rule violation to the tournament director immediately upon discovery of the violation. Failure to report violations may be cause for disqualification. The violation of a tournament rule may result in, but is not limited to, weight loss, the loss of weight up to a particular time in the tournament day, the loss of weight for the entire day, the loss of the heaviest one-day catch, the loss of the heaviest redfish for the day, disqualification from the entire tournament or ineligibility to participate in future Xtreme Fishing tournaments.

2.  MEMBERSHIP: The nonrefundable membership fee is $35 per person per year (Children under 10 years of age are free). Only paid members may participate in Xtreme Redfish Series tournaments. Anyone fishing with a non-current membership will be disqualified. No points or credit for tournament will be awarded for non-current members.

3.  INSURANCE: All boats used in Xtreme Redfish Series tournaments must have a mandatory minimum of $100,000.00 liability insurance. This is the user’s/owner’s responsibility.

4.  PARTICIPATION AND ELIGIBILITY: Participation is open only to current members of the Xtreme Redfish Series. Any person age 17 or under must be a team partner with a parent or a person age 18 or older. Persons under 18 must have the signature of his/her parent or legal guardian on the tournament entry form. Each contestant must have in his/her possession a valid fishing license for waters they fish. Random checks may be conducted at each tournament. Failure to provide proof of a valid fishing license within a reasonable amount of time when requested by the tournament director will result in disqualification for that day and any preceding days in which the license was required for the tournament. Contestants are required to follow all applicable federal, state and local regulations and laws. Any violation of such regulations and laws may result in disqualification from the tournament. Competitors must fish as a team. Fishing a tournament alone is not permitted. Xtreme reserves the right to refuse membership or participation in any events to any team or individual at the discretion of the tournament director.

5.  DIVISIONS: Divisions will be made up of West Coast and East Coast events. There will be three (3) one-day events scheduled for each division, with a final regional qualifier.

6.  REGIONAL AND CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFICATION/ PARTNER SUBSTITUTION:: All teams must fish three (3) tournaments in one division to qualify for the division's regional qualifier. A team may only have one alternate as needed, but all alternates must pay membership fees. All points’ credit shall stay with the team captain for the entire season. For an alternate to fish the Championship, they must have fished at least one tournament with your team during the regular schedule. To qualify for the end of season Championship, teams must have finished within the top 10 in team of the year points, or finish within the top 15 at the regional qualifier. If a team within the top 10 in points finishes within the top 15 at the regional qualifier, the next team down the list will fill the void, until a full field of 50 teams is reached for the Championship. 25 teams from each division will qualify for the Championship.

7.  DIVISIONAL POINTS CHAMPIONS/TEAM OF THE YEAR:: Xtreme Redfish Series will calculate your best 3 tournaments fished in each division to determine the divisional points champion per division. The point champions in both divisions will fish against each other at the Blazer Bay Redfish Series Championship. The highest placing Divisional Points Champion will be crowned Team of the Year. The 2016 Team of the Year will receive free entries into a division of their choice for the 2017 season.

8.  TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEES: Entry fees are $500.00 per event. Teams must pay a deposit of $100.00 per event to secure tournament entries for the 2016 season. $20.00 goes towards Championship holdover. 85% of remaining entry fees to be paid back at each event, including big fish. Championship entry fee is $500.00 per team. $20.00 goes towards the Big Fish pot. There will be a $16.00 convenience fee charged per event. If paying deposits for remaining events, a convenience fee will be charged for the initial deposit, but not for the remaining balance. Teams with remaining balances will be notified of payment due prior to each event.

9.  TEAM ENTRY AND FIELDS: Registration for the 2016 Blazer Bay Redfish Series is open to members of the Xtreme Redfish Series. Field will be capped at 50 teams per event. No more than 50 teams will compete in any one qualifying event. Registration must be completed prior to the start of the season. Any registrations submitted after the cut off date will not be accepted. Deposits must be made prior to this date in order to compete. Registration will close earlier than the posted cut off date in the event that a field of 50 teams submits deposits or pays in full prior to the close of registration for any one event. Entry priority will be final once payment of deposits is received. Entries may be made either by mail or internet. Published payouts for each tournament are based on 50 team entries per event. DEPOSITS AND ENTRY FEES ARE NONTRANSFERABLE AND NONREFUNDABLE ONCE ACCEPTED INTO A TOURNAMENT. Any entry balances not received by the entry balance deadline will forfeit their deposit.

10.  PRE-REGISTRATION/CAPTAINS MEETING: There will be a captains meeting held prior to the start of the first event of the season. Every team shall have at least one person present. If a team can’t make the meeting due to emergency reasons they must contact the Tournament Director prior to the event. That team will be responsible for the information given at the meeting.

11.  SCORING SYSTEM: Each team’s weight will be measured in pounds and hundredths of ounces. The highest weight will be 1st Place and receive 100 Points for the event. Each descending weight will receive (1) point less than the previous team. All teams that do not weigh fish will receive (5) points less than the last team that weighs fish. If a team is disqualified for any reason they will receive (0) points for that tournament, but will receive credit for fishing the tournament. In case of a team breakup the points will remain with the captain, no exceptions.

12.  TIES: Ties will be determined by team’s largest fish. In the case of ties for other special honors or awards the team whose total cumulative weight for the year is greater will be considered the winner.

13.  FISH LIMITS & PENALTY: Only Redfish/Red Drum are accepted species. Size limits will comply with prevailing regulations, total length 18” to 27” with pinched tail. “Total length” means the length of a fish as measured from the most forward point of the head to the hindmost point of the tail on a flat rule. It is advisable that each team check their measuring device with the tournament director’s device. The legal limit is one fish per angler. Teams possessing more than the tournament limit will have their catch for that day disqualified. Fish presented for weigh-in that fail to measure to prescribed length limits will not be counted in team weight for the tournament. Each team's catch must be presented in separate weigh-in bags. No person shall harvest in or from the waters of the State of Florida at any time, or unnecessarily destroy any redfish of total length less than 18 inches, nor greater than 27 inches. Any fish that appears to have been penned, mangled, mauled, or altered in any way will not be weighed at the discretion of the Weigh Master. Redfish shall not be placed on a stringer of any kind. A 0.50 pound penalty will be deducted from the weight for one dead fish. A two (2) pound penalty will be assessed for 2 dead fish. No mutilated or iced fish will be accepted. Dead redfish cannot be culled (must be weighed in ) and will count as the daily bag limit for that angler.

14.  SAFETY: Safe boating must be observed at all times. Each contestant is required to wear a fastened, U.S. Coast Guard approved, personal flotation device anytime the combustion engine is in operation from boat check until weigh-in. All boats must be equipped with an emergency ignition shut-off device that must be securely attached to the driver's body whenever the combustion engine is in operation. At the discretion of the tournament director, tournament days may be shortened, postponed or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. A 4-hour period shall constitute a day of fishing.

15.  PERMITTED FISHING METHODS: All fish must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner. Foul hooked fish are prohibited and should not be presented at weigh-in. A foul hooked fish is defined as a fish that does not have at least one hook in its mouth. Anglers may not weigh in fish that have been confined or caged in an area prior to the tournament. Artificial lures only may be used during competition. Pork trailers, biodegradable soft baits or scents may be added and used. Only one fishing rod per contestant may be used at a time. A cast must be completely retrieved before picking up another rod. No spot holding and hole sitting allowed. No wading or trolling permitted. No cast netting of redfish is permitted. All redfish caught while sight-fishing or sight-casting must be hooked inside the mouth.

16.  PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Teams may fish anywhere in tournament waters available to the public and accessible by boat, except areas designated as "off limits," "no boats," "no motors" or "no fishing" by local, state or federal officials. All angling must be conducted from the boat. At no time may a contestant leave the boat to land a fish or to make the boat more accessible to fishing waters. Teams must leave and return to the official checkpoint by boat. The boat must remain in the tournament waters during the tournament day. No tournament boat may be loaded on the trailer before the weigh-in except with the permission of the tournament director. No fishing within 50 yards of a boat that was first anchored. An anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by a line attached to a weight or by a Power-Pole, Talon or similar shallow water anchor with the trolling motor in the up position. If a competitors boat doesn’t have a trolling motor but is still anchored the 50 yard rule still applies. Fishing within 100 yards of a non-competitor that is chumming with live, dead or ground chum is prohibited. If during competition, you are approached within the 100 yards of a non-competitor and begins to chum, it is your responsibility to stop fishing and relocate immediately. During tournament hours, contestants may not obtain or receive assistance from non-competitors, follow a non-competitor’s boat or participate in the practice of "hole sitting" or the placing of markers by anyone.

17.  PRACTICE/OFF LIMITS/COMMUNICATIONS/INFORMATION: There will be no official practice period or off-limits period prior to the tournament. The use of mobile communication devices, including, but not limited to, cellular telephones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, etc., during tournament hours is strictly prohibited except in an emergency (severe weather, etc.). Communication on the water between anglers by non-electric means is acceptable. Information shared before the start, and/or after the conclusion of the event is acceptable. The use of social media, websites, or other electronic devises to obtain and use information as a means to catch fish is prohibited. When in doubt call the tournament director.

18.  TOURNAMENT HOURS: Safe light until 3:00pm, this may be adjusted by tournament director. Each team will be assigned a boat number at sign-up the morning of each tournament. This will be done by random draw. At check-in, all teams must return their boat chip prior to their designated return time.

19.  CHECKPOINTS AND LATE PENALTY: There will be only one checkpoint for boat check in the morning and one check-in point in the afternoon. Failure to go through boat check and checkout in the morning or failure to check in at the check-in point will result in disqualification. All fishing must cease upon check-in. Any team checking in after his announced check-in time will be disqualified, but will receive credit for the tournament.

20.  EMERGENCY OR BREAKDOWN: In the event of equipment failure or emergency, there will be only two permitted methods of team members returning to the official check-in:
1. Both team members remaining in their boat and being towed by water.
2. Both team members entering the boat of another tournament contestant to return the catch to the official check-in site. The rescue boat must have ample livewell space to transport all four redfish according to state law (18gallons) per 2 redfish or both teams will be subject to disqualification. All fishing must cease once a team boards or begins being towed by the rescue boat. There will be no additional fishing from the rescue boat by either team. Both teams will be subject to a polygraph test.
Under these two conditions the teams catch may be counted without a penalty (except for late penalties, dead fish penalties, or other penalties pertaining to other tournament rules). Teams that elect to return to the official check-in by any other means than cited above will forfeit their day’s catch to that point of the tournament day. Any contestant returning to the check-in point will be eligible to restart and resume competition only under the supervision of the tournament director. It is the sole responsibility of contestants to locate the tournament director or official to request a restart. Failure to render assistance, when requested in an emergency is cause for immediate disqualification. Teams rendering assistance must communicate to the tournament official, the boat number(s) of the assisting boat and the assisted boat at the time commencing aid.

21.  BOAT & HORSEPOWER REGULATIONS: All boats must be a minimum of 15 feet in length. Each boat must have all required U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment on board. All boats used in the tournament must contain recirculating or aerated live wells that are at least 2.4 cubic feet or 18 gallons in capacity. All boats must be equipped with an emergency ignition shut-off device. . Fuel may be carried only in factory installed fuel tanks. All bladder tanks or other types of auxiliary gas tanks that are not factory installed by the manufacturer are prohibited. If participating boat was not equipped with factory installed fuel tanks , then participant may use up to two (2) of the standard US Coast Guard approved portable tanks mounted at the stern in designated areas by the motor. Any additional fuel purchased on tournament day must be at a retail facility open to the public. If refueling, competitors may not leave their boat for any reason. Outboard motor will not exceed the horsepower capacity set forth on the Maximum Capacity placard installed by the manufacturer. Any falsifying information or altering the numbers on the motor or rating plate will result in disqualification and any future participation. Airboats, canoes, and pontoon boats are not permitted for competition.

22.  SPORTSMANSHIP: Each team is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, safety, courtesy, and conservation. Any infraction of these principles set forth may be cause for disqualification. Teams competing in Xtreme Redfish events need to be aware of recreational boaters and fisherman that are not participating and act with exceptional courtesy. The use, possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than prescription) during tournament fishing hours will not be tolerated and shall be cause for disqualification from current and future Xtreme Redfish Series events. Any conviction of a felony or other crimes involving moral turpitude or other conduct reflecting negatively upon Xtreme Fishing Series or its sponsors shall be grounds for rejecting application for participation or disqualification. Any team or team member that has ever been suspended or disqualified from other competitive tournament events or fishing organizations for any reason will be prohibited to compete in the Xtreme Redfish Series. Any act or violation that gives an angler or team an unfair advantage not specifically covered by this rule set shall be grounds for disqualification. All decisions by the tournament director will be final on any issues that may arise. Any act deemed by the Tournament Director that gives a team or angler an unfair advantage not specifically covered under this set of rules shall be grounds for disqualification. Any violation by an angler deemed intentional or preconceived by the Tournament Director to gain an unfair advantage, would be grounds for permanent disqualification. Any deliberate burning of flats (searching for fish while on plane) within 10 days prior to or during the tournament is prohibited and will result in disqualification from the current and future Xtreme Redfish Series events.

23.  PROTEST AND POLYGRAPH: The administration and interpretation of the polygraph test shall solely be the responsibility of the tournament director, tournament officials and the individual who administers such polygraph test and at their discretion select the place and time at which such polygraph test shall be administered. Should a team member fail to be available for the polygraph test, or fail the polygraph test their team will be disqualified from that event and forfeit all entry fees winnings and points from that event. The results of the polygraph are final and are not subject to review by any court of law. All protests must be submitted in writing on an Xtreme Redfish Series protest form, along with a $200 cash deposit, within fifteen (15) minutes of the last contestant weighing-in to the tournament director or tournament official. The protestor also agrees that if there is a question of verifying the charge of a protest that he or she also may be subject to take a polygraph. If the tournament director, tournament committee or polygraph, upholds the protest, the protested team will forfeit all tournament fees and will not be eligible for any cash or equipment prizes. The cash deposit shall be returned to the contestant submitting the protest. Any angler making an accusation against another competitor without submitting a written protest, accompanied by a $200.00 deposit may be subject to disqualification from current and future Xtreme Redfish Series events. Any statements about the Xtreme Redfish Series or competitors otherwise made to anglers, writers, or other entities not on the tour could result in legal liabilities resulting from charges of defamation or slander.

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